Working Holiday visa

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Working holiday visa – New Zealand

Do you want to apply for the working holiday visa to New Zealand? If your answer is yes I will tell you how to do that. Quota for Slovakia is only 100 people per year and the last two years was opened on 23th of April but every year is different. I applied for the visa twice and I was successful. When I applied for the first time the quota was gone after 3 minutes and the same happened this year. I will give you some tips how to succeed.

  1. Join a group on Facebook. The name of the group is working holiday and it was created by WSI agency. The group is only for Slovak and Czech people. There is a lot of useful information how to apply for the visa and also new info when the quota will be open again. There is also a PDF form, where is explained how to apply for the visa. You can find it in the file section.  The only thing the agency want (when you are successful), that you can buy a some products what they are offering like(insurance and flight tickets( but it is up to you if you do it or not.

  1. You can practice filling out the Canadian application form because it is open all year. Don’t submit your application and definitely  don’t pay because when you pay you may have a problem when you apply for the Slovak visa.
  2. In Mozilla Firefox there is a plugin call auto-fill. You can install it and it will help you fill out the forms because you save all the forms there. When you apply for the visa it worked perfectly. I used it in April when I applied for my ex- girlfriend visa. If you don’t know how to use it just write to me or send me a massage on Facebook kori-traveler.
  3. The visa cost $165. When you are trying to pay but you can’t, the reason is that the quota is full, but you can try to refresh the page because it happened that somebody got the visa after 30 minutes when the quota was full. After your visa is approved you have one year to get to New Zealand and from the date when you arrive you can stay there for one year and extend your visa for three more months but you need to do a farm work for 3 months in the first year.

Be careful because a lot of agencies in Slovakia ask for money. It is 100Euro and they tell you that they will get you information how to apply for the visa. Don’t pay anything. If you need any information just write me and I will send you all information for free.  If you don’t get the visa you can try to apply for the working holiday visa to Canada or Australia or you can just go study to New Zealand, Canada or Australia.

Don’t forget the working holiday visa are only till the age of 35 and you can get it only once in your life. Good luck!!!

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