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What to see (do) in Bali

Bali is the most famous island I have ever seen. Millions of tourists are coming here every year because Bali has everything what they want to see. Beautiful beaches, culture, historical monuments, good food and really nice people. I have been to Bali for first time this year in March and it was amazing. I travel a lot and I have been to Cuba, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and I saw many countries in Europe but my favorite place is Bali. There is a lot to do and see. There are a lot of possibilities how to get to Bali. You can find cheap return ticket from Europe or Australia or you can flight to Jakarta and go to Bali from there. When you arrive, be prepare for different culture and a lot of taxi drivers will scream at you.

I recommend taking a taxi from the airport and go to Kuta beach where the most tourists go. Kuta beach is really nice but it is a touristy place. If you prefer more quiet place Kuta is not for you. You can find a cheap accommodation there, a lot of restaurants, beautiful beaches and a lot of bars. The cheapest way is to go to Popis line 1 or Popis line 2 where I found room for 100 000IR. I found better accommodation later on and the room was for 120 000IR. The price is for two people.

Kuta Beach

First day you can just relax on the beach, swim and surf. You can borrow a surf on the beach for 150 000IR for couple of hours and if you want to try teacher it will be for 200 000IR for two hours or you can just borrow the surf in a surf shop where the price is for one day 70 000IR.

In the evening you can have a drink or dinner. There are a lot of bars and restaurant where you can find cheap food for 2 or $3 on the street but my favorite one is Sky Garden bar where you will pay 100 000IR and you can eat and drink whatever you want.

Sky Garden Kuta

The other day you can borrow a motor bike and explore the island. The price for motorbike is 50 000IR for one day and the full tank is around 18 000IR. First you need to go to Ubud. There is really nice monkey forest but as Indonesian says Hati Hati because the monkeys could be really dangerous. The entry is 35 000IR for one person. After that you can explore the Ubud. There is a lot of historical monuments.

Ubud – Monkey Forest 

Then from Ubud you can visit a rice field because it is really amazing.

Rice Field 

Than if you still have time that day you can go to Tanah Lot. It is a temple on the water where you will see nice sunset. You can cross to the other side only when is the low tide.

Tanah Lot

Next day go hiking to Mount Agung. It is a biggest mountain and active volcano on Bali. You need to go there in the evening and start hiking about midnight because in the morning you will see amazing sunrise.

Mount Agung

Third day you can go to Goa Gajah / elephant cave / and also take a little trip to the forest.

Goa Gajah

Than go to Mount Kawi and from there go to Ulun Danu Bratan. When you go there take warm clothes and some raincoat because there is always bad weather.

Ulun Danu Bratan

It depends how much time you want to spend in Bali because you can book a trip to another islands like Lombok, Flores. Gili Islands or Java. There are a lot of travel agency’s on Bali where you can book your trip. If you want to see the Gillis you can take a fast boat and the price is from 250 000IR or you can take a slow boat and the price starts from 160 000IR. What to do and see in Lombok and Gilis you can read in my other article. I’ve never seen Flores but if you want to see dragons I really recommend it. If you want to see volcanos, Borobudur and Prambanan you can buy a flight ticket from Bali to Yogyakarta. More about Java please read my third article. I have already been to Bali twice and I haven’t finished yet. Bali is and will by my favorite place for relax and think about everything.
Don’t forget that you need negotiate all the prices!!!!!
10 000IR = 1AUD 15 000IR = 1Euro

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