Cook Island

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Cook Island

After I spent one and half year in New Zealand and my time was coming to the end I was thinking for some vacation. I’ve seen almost whole New Zealand and I was thinking where to go when I am still there. I was thinking about Fiji but I knew that I am going to Australia so I could go to Fiji from there. Many people told me that I should visit Cook Island because the only flights are from New Zealand and the currency is New Zealand dollar. I said OK I am flying to Cook Island. The funny thing is when you are flying there you will get one day because of the time zone where Cook Island is lying but when you are coming back you will lose one day. There is a plenty of accommodation from luxury hotels to cheap accommodation like hostels and backpackers. My friend told me about this backpacker It is simple, cheap, clean accommodation where you can cook your own meal.

The owner is Mauri woman who is nice and will come for you at the airport. I met there a lot of people from different countries and we were doing stuff together. I arrived on Saturday morning and owner told us that there is market in capital city that we should visit. The public transport is good. The buses are going clockwise and anticlockwise so its easy to get to the Rarotonga which is the main city or you can rent a scooter, or you can just hitchhike. Many people using hitchhiking and local people will stop you.

Next day you explore the Island. Cook Island offers a lot to see from beautiful beaches, culture, food and hikes. You can just relax on the beach or if you have enough of relaxing you can just cross the island. There is a beautiful trial which is going through middle of island.

I almost forgot that you should visit churches and you should see the locals sing. It is amazing.

If you have enough of main island and you want to see more beautiful beaches and lagoons, then you should visit near by islands. If you have more time you could book another week in one of these islands. If you don’t have time you can do what I did that you will pay $500 for one day and you will fly from cook island to Aitutaki island which is call also big foot island. I know for somebody can be expensive but trust me it is worth it and you will get a stamp with big foot to your passport. You will fly in the morning and the fly is around 45min. When you land you will go by bus to nearest beach when you board to the ship which will take you to the nearest lagoons. Its breathtaking. You will see pictures like from the travel agency catalogues.

End the end of your trip I would recommend spending more time in Rarotonga because it is the main city where you can find a lot of shops with souvenirs and mainly you can experience the most amazing feeling when the plane is flying above you. You just need to find out when the plane will land and just wait, or you can visit another food market where you can experience a lot of amazing food. Cook island is amazing the local people are friendly and they have time for everything, so you just need to be prepare for that. I had awesome time in Cook Island and definitely I will come back.

The best time to go there is in New Zealand winter because its no that humid and hot in Cook Island

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