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Immigrate to Australia – Apply for PR

Do you want to immigrate to Australia? Would you like to apply for PR? I will tell you how you can do it.

Australia is an amazing country and most of the people wants to live and work there but it is not easy to stay there legally. You have couple of options how to apply for visa. First, you can apply for working holiday when you can just work and travel for two years (one year and if you want to get second year you need to do a farm work or work in Northern territories for three months / you can work for one employer only 6 months). Second type is student visa. This type of visa is common and most of the people are using it to stay there for couple of years. In the beginning you can study some certificates and diplomas when you will get visa for 3 years. It’s not difficult study and most of the time you can work. This type of study is good when you are not confident witch your English and you want to improve it. If you improve your English, you can study some bachelor or masters and when you finish your study you will get 2 years graduate visa. When you get graduate visa, you can work full time without any restriction for two years. Don’t forget that you can work only 20h per week on student visa and only work full time when you have holiday, but you can find a job when the employer will give you more hours. You also need to prove that you have enough money in your bank account if you start studying certificate or diploma. Immigration wants to know that you can support yourself before you will find some job. You don’t need to have the money on your bank account, it can be account of your parents, you just need to get approval from them that you can use those money if something happens. University is different story and you don’t need to prove that you have those money. When I came to Australia, I came only with 4500 Australian dollars. After couple of weeks I found a job in Ikea, but you can find other jobs like waiter, barista or in the office.

When I came to Australia, I didn’t have any knowledge how to apply for PR or what PR is. I met a lot of friends who explained to me what PR is and how to apply for that. I studied MBA an it was first mistake because I didn’t study something what is on occupation list. Occupation list is the list where are all professions which are good if you want to apply for PR for example accounting, engineering, IT and others. For every occupation you need have certain amount of points for example for engineering you need 75, for accounting you need 90….. Australia is special compare to other countries like Canada or New Zealand when you want to apply for permanent residency. Most of the Indian and Pakistani people study accounting because it’s the easiest way how to apply for PR. It is more difficult every year to apply for PR because you need to have a lot of points  When I came to Australia in 2016 you needed only 80 points for accounting, but more and more people study accounting and Australia don’t need so many people with this profession. So, you will get points for your study, work experience, age (the maximum points you will get for age 25-33). If you are older like me, you are already losing 5 points.  You will get points for language (Ielts or PTE) If you want to have maximum points for your language which is 20 you need to have from every category writing, listening, reading and speaking 8. Australia is special and its not enough to have only overall 8. Then if you still don’t have enough points you can do a professional year or naati. You will get extra 5 points for professional year and extra 5 points for naati. If you want to check if you are eligible to apply for PR you can do it here.  I also wanted to apply for PR but my occupation Public Relation is not on the list. They put it there in January 2020 but now in May is not there anymore and I cant apply for PR. Now, you need to have at least 85-90 points but is better if you have 90 and more. For more info you can send me a massage or you can search immigration website here.

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