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Immigrate to New Zealand- Express Entry

Want to immigrate to New Zealand? Would you like to apply for PR? I will tell you how you can do it.

First, what you need to know is that every country has different policy. I’ve already wrote how to apply for PR in Canada. Canada has a bit different system how to apply for PR than New Zealand. Four things are the same in every country. You need to fulfill Age, Education, Language and Work experience. Now we will look closely to New Zealand. As I said New Zealand is little bit different than Australia or Canada when you are applying for express entry. First, what you need to check is if you are eligible to apply for express entry. You need to have at least 100 point to be eligible to apply for express entry. You can check it here. The good news is that New Zealand has the age until 39 where you will get the most point. Then, you need to have some language test (Ielts) or you could have a school from countries like Canada, Australia, USA, England, Ireland to prove your language. You need to finish at least 2 years. So, if you studied in those countries you don’t need to do any language test. I was lucky because I was studying MBA in Australia for two years, so I didn’t need to do any language test but if you don’t have school from those countries, I think the min. overall score for Ielts to prove your language is 6.5 or more. The next step what you need to check is your qualification.  You can check your qualification here. I was studying in Australia and Australia is on the list for qualification, so I thought that I don’t need to do any assessment to recognize my qualification. When you scroll down, you’ll see that there are names of the schools in Australia and mine wasn’t there so I need to do assessment to recognize my qualification that I can claim 70 point for that. So far, we have 30 points for the age because we are in category 20 – 39. We have 70 points for our qualification because my qualification is in the level 9 or 10 in New Zealand and we can also prove our language because of the school in Australia or because we score 6.5 or more in Ielts. The last category is work experience. This category is also different compare to Canada or Australia. Depends of how many years of work experience do you have that points you will get. So, for example if you have 2 years work experience you will get only 10 points but if you have 10 or more you will get 50 points. Of course, you need to prove everything, and this is the tricky part because there are 4 categories. First is Regional skill shortage which you can check it here. The second is construction and infrastructure skill shortage which you can check here. The third category is Long term skill shortage and the last category is skill level classification here. I belong to the last category.

So, that is more than 10 years of work experience which I can prove. I have also experience from logistic but it was level 4 so they won’t count it as a relevant experience to apply for PR so I wont get any point for that but I have more than 10 years of work experience that I can prove so I should get the maximum point for that. If you don’t have work experience listed in ANZSCO here for your occupation:

If you do not have the relevant recognised qualification listed in the ANZSCO, you can substitute the qualification with relevant work experience. Check your occupation in NZSCO to find out how many years of relevant work experience you need to replace the qualification.

If your occupation is skill level 1 You can substitute 5 years of relevant work experience for the ANZSCO qualification — even if the ANZSCO does not state this.

So, if I apply by myself I would score 150 points but in march 2020 the points what you need to have is at least 160 or more to by invited to apply for PR but I am applying with my girlfriend and I will get extra 20 points for her qualification. So, we will have together 170 points. I thought that I will get extra 10 points for New Zealand work experience, but I can prove that because I wasn’t doing anything special what is on the list. If you have any questions related to how to apply for PR to Canada you can read my other article and also if you have any questions how to apply for PR in New Zealand you can shot me a massage here or you can send me a massage through Facebook Do fitness while you travel or Instagram kori5.

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