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Java is an island of Indonesia. With a population of 150 million, Java is home to 51 percent of the Indonesian population, and is the most populous island on Earth with Sumatra and Bali. The Indonesian capital city, Jakarta, is located on western Java. I came to Jakarta from Thailand when I was travelling before Indonesia. I stayed there one day because I met my friend Karol there, who is traveling around the world on bicycle. Jakarta is a big city and there is not much to do. I recommend staying there one day and then you can take a train to Yogyakarta. The train is a bit uncomfortable, but we took night train and the trip wasn’t really bad. We paid for the train 170 000IR but the price depend how occupied is the train.


Yogyakarta is a bustling town of some half a million people and the most popular tourist destination on Java, largely thanks to its proximity to the temples of Borobudur and Prambanan. The town is a hub of art and education, offers some good shopping and has a wide range of tourist facilities. When I came to Yogyakarta I try to find a really cheap accommodation and you can find some near to railway station. I have been to Java with my ex-girlfriend. We met also American guy and traveled with him a bit. We had a room in Indonesian family. The room was really easy but very cheap.

You can go to Main Street, where you can find a lot of shops, markets and you find there a really good food. The name of the main street is JL. Malioboro.  You can also visit some art shops but be careful because they can sell you some fake pictures. There is an art school when I recommend buying some pictures if you want. My American friend buys some and they were beautiful.

On the main street there is a bus stop where you can take a bus to Borobudur and Prambanan. Entry to Borobudur is for tourists 250 000IR and entry for the Prambanan is 250 000IR. It was really amazing and you must visit those temples.

When you are in Yogyakarta you can visit some volcanos. One is only two hours ride from Yogyakarta. The name of the volcano is Merapi. Mount Merapi, Gunung Merapi is an active stratovolcano located on the border between Central Java and Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It is the most active volcano in Indonesia and has erupted regularly since 1548. When you go there you can book the trip in Yogyakarta and the price start from 200 000IR.

When you visit Mount Merapi you can also book a trip to Mount Bromo. I don’t know the price because we didn’t book the trip in Yogyakarta. We took an express train to Surabaya and from there you can take a bus to Probolinggo, and a minibus from there to Cemoro Lawang. It is a fastest and cheapest way, but be careful because we had a problem with minibus. They asked a really big price because the bus wasn’t full so we payed 150 000IR for one person but as you can see Bromo is really amazing.

When you saw the Mount Bromo you can go to Bondowoso. It is a town where you can book a trip to a third volcano. You can get there from Probolinggo by bus. The trip took us 2 hours.  West of Gunung Merapi is the Ijen volcano, which has a one-kilometer-wide turquoise-colored acidic crater lake. The lake is the site of a labor-intensive sulfur mining operation, in which sulfur-laden baskets are carried by hand from the crater floor. The work is paid well considering the cost of living in the area, but is very onerous. Workers earn around 50,000IR – 75,000IR per day and once out of the crater, still need to carry their loads of sulfur chunks about three kilometers to the nearby Paltuding Valley to get paid. You can also see there blue fire. The entry for this volcano is 100 000IR.

Then from Bondowoso we wanted to go to Bali but first we needed to go to a Banyuvangi. It is the town, where you can take a ferry to Bali. In Banyuvangi you can book a trip to Bali for example when you are going to Kuta Beach you book a bus which will take you directly there. We didn’t book a trip to Bali in Banyuvangi because we thought that it will be cheaper when we take a ferry and then the bus from the Bali side. The ferry is not really expensive but we payed 60 000IR for one person for the bus in the Bali side and we traveled around 6 hours when we got to Denpasar. Then you can take a taxi from Denpasar to Kuta Beach and the price is around 100 000IR.  So I really recommend checking the bus in Banyavangi, which will take you directly to your place

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