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What to see (do) in Sydney?

Many people travel to Australia and want to see a lot from this country and Sydney is a part of their journey. I understand that most of the people have only few weeks of vacation and its difficult to spend more days when you want to see Darwin, Uluru or Great Barrier reef and more other thing from Australia but for Sydney you need spend more than two days. You need to explore a beautiful beaches, nice people, different kind of food, opera house, harbor bridge and others. They are different suburbs where you can live. The most famous are Bondi Beach, Coogee, Bronte, Dee Why, Manly, CBD, North Sydney, Newtown and others.

To get yourself from the airport to your suburb you can take a train who will take you to the Central station and from the Central station you can take other train to your suburb.

Before you enter to the train you need to buy an opal card, it is a card you need to top up so you can pay your fares on trains, buses, ferries and light rail. The price from the airport by train is around $17.

The cheapest way is to take a bus 420 which will cost you around $4 -$5 or you can take a taxi and uber.  When I came to Sydney, I took a taxi because I didn’t know how far my suburb is. I was living in Rockdale. Its not far from the airport and you can take a bus there. Most of the people chose to live on the beach and most of the Brasil people live in Bondi Beach. Its nice to live on the beach specially in the summer but most of the time it will take you a bit longer to get to the city. Everything depends where is your school and work. As you know most of the people coming to Sydney on student visa. A lot of schools are in the city that’s why you should choose your accommodation where is the best public transport. 20min from the city center is still good.

I can say that trains and buses are pretty good in Sydney plus you can use ferries or light rail which now is building also in CBD. There will be a metro soon and the trains goes every 4 minutes. When I came to Sydney and I used already 8 rides the public transport was for free. Most of the people were cheating and the government cancelled free public transport and now after 8 rides you can have only 50% discount. So, what can you see in Sydney? First, you should visit opera house and walk in botanic garden. It’s the most famous tourist attraction in Sydney. In the winter you can see there vivid. Many people will pay tour to see also Opera house from inside. From the opera house is only short way to see Harbor Bridge. If you have enough money you can pay a tour and you can climb to the top of the bridge. It is expensive, and the price is around $350.

The circular quay is nearby, and you can take a ferry to manly beach from there and when you are on the ferry you can see Opera House from the sea.

Then we can continue and explore CBD and Darling Harbor.

In the evening, we can have a drink and dinner in Newtown. Newtown is famous for party life.

Next day we can take a train and go to Bondi beach. First, we need to go by train to Bondi Junction and from there we need to take a bus to Bondi beach. When we are at Bondi beach, we could do a walk from Bondi to Coogee beach. Its nice there and I recommend doing it. Coogee beach is another beach where people play beach volleyball, swim or if you are fit enough you can do a Coogee steps.

Then from Coogee beach we can take a bus to Bondi Junction and train to Wynyard, where we can take a double-decker bus to Maroubra,  Dee Why and Palm Beach or you can go by train to Cronulla beach.. Those are other beaches that you can explore.

If you like zoo there is a Tauranga zoo in Sydney, or you could do a small trip to a wild life where you can have a picture with koala bear or with kangaroo.

If you are fan of hiking, there is a beautiful hike from Gosforth to Bundeena and you can do it in one day or in two days where you can sleep in the campsite.

Only few hours from Sydney are beautiful mountains called Blue Mountains.

There is a lot of beautiful hikes that you cold do but the most famous and difficult is six-foot track. This hike will take you 3 days to finish it. There are two ways how you can do this hike. First, you can start hiking in Katoomba and hike to Jenolan caves. Jenolan Caves is the place when you finish your hike but don’t forget to book a bus from Jenolan caves back to Katoomba. In my opinion, when you start hiking from Katoomba it is more difficult then the other way. We booked a bus from Katoomba to Jenolan caves. The price was around $50 per person. We explored Jenolan caves and started hiking. When it has been raining there should be enough water in the campsites but be careful because the water is not good, and you need something to sterilize the water that you can drink it.

Sydney offers a lot of sport activities like beach volleyball, surfing, football, run, swim, triathlon or you can try famous dragon bats. You can find many clubs in Sydney like Naga Spirit where you meet new people, get fitter and maybe experience some races. You will paddle under Anzac bridge on the sea. I recommend trying this sport. If you have enough of Sydney, you can explore other things what Australia offers. Sydney is a magical place, good for relax, meet new people and I love living here.

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