Turistika vo Vysokych Tatrach-Hiking in High Tatras

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Turistika Vysoke Tatry – Hiking in High Tatras

Slovakia is a beautiful place to visit. Most of the people visit capital city Bratislava but Slovakia has more to offer from lakes where you can swim, nice towns to beautiful mountains. Slovakia has a lot of mountains where you can go hiking. The most famous are High Tatras and Low Tatras. So, if you like hiking you should visit them. You will see beautiful views to the peaks. High Tatras are mountains in north part of Slovakia on the border with Poland. The bigger range is in Slovakia. The most visited part are the main Tatras on the north part of the country near the town Poprad but also many people visits west Tatras where you can do 4 days hike called Hrebenovka Zapadnych Tatier. This hike is special because there is a problem with accommodation, and you can’t build your tent where you want. There are only few places where you can build your tent and only couple of huts. But you can find easily accommodation in near village called Zuberec and do daily hikes from there. When I was there, I was doing hike called Rohacke Plesa. This hike is not that difficult, and you should finish it in 6 hours

How to get to High Tatras

  • The easiest way is to take train from Bratislava to Poprad / the journey is around 4h/ and then from Poprad you will take a tram / Poprad – Strbske Pleso/ to the place where you will have your accommodation.
  • The second option is to Fly to Poprad but the flight tickets are expensive so better option is to take the train.
  • If you are going to west Tatras you can take a train and get out in Ruzomberok and from there you need to take a bus.

Accommodation in High Tatras

  • In the west tatras most of the people will stay in Zuberec and from there will do the hikes
  • In the main tatras there is a lot of options where you can find accommodation like in Strbske please where is Hotel Kampinsky if you like luxury accommodation
  • Other most preferable places are Stary Smokovec where you can find new apartments, cottages and hotel. You can stay also in Tatranska Lomnica, Novy Smokovec or Stara lesna. It is easy to transport between those places because there is tram which is going every hour and most of the hikes starts from Strbske Please or Stary Smokovec.

Hikes which you can do in High Tatras

If you want to do hikes in west tatras there is a couple of options. You can do 4-day hike called hrebenovka zapadnych tatier. This hike is a bid difficult because there is a problem with accommodation. There is not a lot of huts where you can stay, and other problem is that you cant build your tent where do you want. In TANAP /tatransky narodny park/ there are only few places where you can build your tent. Other option is to stay in Zuberec and do one day hikes like we did. The most famous hike is Rohace where you will start from cottage Zverovka. It is one day circle hike because you will come back to the same place when you start.

In the main tatras you can do a lot of hikes depend where do you want to start. The first place where you can start is Strbske Pleso and from there you can go to Rysy. We were doing Rysy in October and it was already snow there. This is one day hike and you will see beautiful views. When you make it to the cottage under Rysy, from there it is not far to the summit.

Then other day you can go to Krivan. Krivan is other peak of High Tatras. There is easy way how to get there. You will start in Strbske Please and you will follow sign to Krivan. This is one day hike and only difficult part is when you will climb to summit. I was there in October and it was already snow there.

There are also other small hikes from Strbske Pleso what you can do. The other starting point is Stary Smokovec. From Stary Smokovec you go to Mala a Velka Sudena Dolina. This is a bit difficult but beautiful hike. It is circle, so you will start from Stary Smokovec, then you will continue through Hrebienok and you will come back to the same place when you will start. When you get to Teryho cottage from there you need to climb to the other side of the peak where you need to use chains. When you cross to the other side be careful because climbing down is a bit difficult. The next hike what you can do from Stary Smokovec is Slavkovsky Stit. This hike wasn’t difficult on the way up, but it was difficult on the way down. You can finish it in 6-7 hours – easy walk.

All these peaks are more than 2400 about see level. There are also other hikes in High Tatras what I want to explore. Slovakia doesn’t have only High and Low Tatras but you can go also to Slovensky raj or other beautiful hike is called Janosikove diery but about this hikes I will tell you in my other article.

6 Comments on “Turistika vo Vysokych Tatrach-Hiking in High Tatras

  1. I found this blog post. I will visit Slovakia one day when it will be possible again a do some hikes what you recommend it. This post was really helpful. Thanks. Marko.

    1. Hey Marko. Yeah Slovakia is beautiful and you should definitely visit high tatras. The hikes there are so beautiful. Maybe you can also check my other post from low tatras. There are also some beautiful hikes what you could try but I think for the first visit will be enough to see high tatras. Andrej

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