Via Ferrata Martinske Hole Slovakia

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Via Ferrata Martinske Hole Slovakia

This part of Slovakia is famous in the summer but also in the winter. In the summer you can do hikes here and, in the winter, you can do one special hike which is open all year long except of these dates 15.4.-31.5. a 15.9.-31.10 and you can also ski there. Martinske hole are famous with the ski in the winter.

How to get there. You can take a train from capital city Bratislava and get out in Martin, from there you need to take a bus which is going to Pension Ferrata or you can go by car directly to Pension Ferrata where the hikes starts. This accommodation is a start point for this special hike called via Ferrata Martinske Hole.

The accommodation is a bit expensive but if you have a car you can find something cheaper in Martin and then go to Pension Ferrata next day. Pension is also important because you can borrow a climbing gear there. You will get climbing seat and helmet. The set cost 10 Euro per day and you need to pay advance 100 euros, but you will get it back when you will return the set.

When you are doing this hike in the winter you will need also climbing irons because it can be snow and ice on the rocks. If you need to borrow climbing iron, you can borrow them from outdoorguide and the price is 3 euro per day, and you need to pay advance 80 euro but you will get it back when you return them.

Ferrata is a hike with ropes which are already on the rocks to help you climb. You can choose from easy way to hard way. The hike via Ferrata Martinske Hole starts easy but then you will get to the point where you can choose to continue with easy way or choose the hard way.

Via Ferrata Martinske Hole

We chose to do hard way and I can tell that it was a bit difficult also for me but we did it.

The hike trough the Ferrata is around 12k long but you can extend it. You will follow red marker in the beginning until you will get to Martinske hole. If you want to, you can extend it and take a yellow marker from Martinske Hole to see transmitter which is only 40 min. from there. The whole hike will take you around 6h to finish it. This Ferrata was open in 2014 and from this time is very famous for tourists. – turistická mapa Slovenska (

Via Ferrata Martinske Hole

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