What to see in Cuba

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What to see in Cuba

For many travelers Cuba is an exotic island, located in the northern Caribbean where the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean meet. It is east of the Yucatán Peninsula (Mexico), south of both the U.S. state of Florida and the Bahamas, west of Hispaniola, and north of both Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. I’ve been there when Fidel Castro was a president and American people could not go to Cuba. We arrived in capital city Havana. It wasn’t a backpacking trip, it was just a holiday, but we traveled around. We stayed in Varadero. It is famous place, where most of the people book their vacation. It is not far from the capital city. We chose December because we thought that it will be a good time visit Cuba but most of the time it was raining. Maybe we were just unlucky.

Cuba has a lot to offer from beautiful beaches, good food, rum, cigars, swimming with dolphins and a lot of trips what you can do. Our first trip was to the capital city Havana when you can take normal bus or this special bus.

When you visit Havana you can see a lot of old buildings and a lot of old cars like in fast and furious. You can see also a lot of pictures of Guevara. He met cabana refugee Fidel Castro in Mexico and together they fight against Cuban dictator Fulgenciovi Batistovi.

When you are in Havana, you can visit a place when you will see how they prepare Cuban rum. They make it from the sugarcane which is harvested and then squished to extract the juice, or guarapo. Next, the juice is boiled to create molasses and sugar. The molasses is combined with water and yeast in tanks to ferment.

If you like cigars, you should visit place when they handmad cigars. You can see how they prepare famous cohibas.

I bought a box of 50 cohibas cheap and broth with me couple of bottles of rum. Be careful because only first 2l of alcohol and 100 cigars are duty fee. I almost forgot that my best experience I have had in Cuba was swimming with dolphins. I really recommend doing it when you visit Cuba or in some other places when you can swim with dolphins.

Cuba is a nice place to visit, where you can relax, see a beautiful beaches, meet nice people, have a good food, negotiate with locals( everybody wants to sell you something from rum to cigars) or just enjoy cigar or cocktails. I don’t know how Cuba is now when Fidel Castro is not there anymore and American people can visit the island but it is definitely worth it to visit.

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