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Where to find a job in New Zealand and what do you need before you start working?

When I came to New Zealand on 7th of April 2015 it was really difficult for me because I didn’t have any information where to look for a job. I travelled a little bit before New Zealand, so imagine when you come to New Zealand from countries like Thailand and Indonesia where everything is cheaper than in New Zealand. I came to Auckland, where the most people come because they think that it is better to find a job here. Auckland is a really big city. I spent there five days and I really needed to look for a job because everything was expensive. What I did, I tried to look on the Internet and there are a lot of websites that can help you find a job. For example:

That time when I was in New Zealand, kiwi season just started. So I found a job in KatiKati. It is a really small town, 2 hours ride by bus from Auckland, but first when you want to start working, you need to apply for an IRD number and open a bank account. These two things are very important. For the IRD number you can apply in a post office and it will take 2 weeks when you get your number. When you get your number you can start working legally. When you want to open a bank account, you will need some paper that you found a job or address where you are staying because without this paper, the bank won’t open the bank account for you. So, when I came to KatiKati, I stayed in Muraltown backpackers. The owner was Thai woman and her name was Cindy.  Next year the Indian people bought this backpacker and the accommodation there was just shit. The first job I did was a job with flowers.

The main kiwi season didn’t start yet because kiwi wasn’t ready for picking, so I tried to find a job in a pack house. There are three pack houses in KatiKati. First is Eastpack, the second one is Seeka and the third one Hume  so you can try to find a job there as well. All three packhouses are in Katikati. The pack houses hire people in March because that time kiwi season starts, but they will hire more people in April when the main kiwi season starts. You can do three job positions in Packhouse. First, is preparing boxes for people who pack kiwis. 

 Second position is packer. The kiwi is coming from a belt and you will pack them to the boxes. The last position is stacker, who will stack the boxes on the pallet.

So, I picked kiwi for Cindy and I worked in the Hume pack house as a stacker. When you pick kiwis, first you pick golden kiwi and you get 14,75$/hour and when you pick green kiwi you work on contract. The prices increased, and you can get $18 on contract. Everything depends who is working with you. If you have a good team who wants to work, you can earn good money. When you work on contract you need to be fast. You will work in a team where your salary depends on how much bins you pick but I always had around 160$. 

There are also other pack houses just 30 minutes from KatiKati near the Tauranga. The kiwi season finishes in May – middle of June and there will be a break in the pack house for one or two weeks and then they will start repacking, but I decided not to stay in KatiKati anymore and I found a job in KeriKeri in Northland. It is a very nice city and I stayed in Kericentral Backpackers. I worked as an orchard worker, but the work was only for one month.

In Northland there is not much work in winter so I recommend finding a job somewhere else or you can try better backpacker and it was hone heke lodge where they can find more work rather than in KeriCentral. In the middle of September, strawberry picking starts here in Northland.

When I finished my work in Northland I found a job in Tauranga. I stayed in Bell lodge Backpacker. I did kiwi pruning. I worked for an Indian guy but it was the worst job I have ever done, so after two weeks I quit and I found another kiwi pruning. In the winter most of the time you will do kiwi pruning in north island or vine pruning in south island.

It was a god job because my bosses were a Maori couple. They were amazing and they always try to help us. I didn’t do a wine pruning, but I saw a video and it was a little bit difficult. If you don’t like winter I recommend to stay in the North Island, of course it depends on which part of the island because in South Island the temperature in winter is below zero but you can find a job in the sky resorts or you can work on gondola in Queenstown. When I was in Northland the temperature wasn’t less than 10 degrees at night and in a day the temperature was 20 degrees or more. When you will go to the south, the temperature will be lower, like in Tauranga the temperature was 3 degrees at night and maximum 13 during the day.

So everything depends on when you want to go to New Zealand. The kiwi season starts from March till May- middle of June in the North Island. From June till September there is kiwi pruning in the North Island and wine pruning in South Island and repacking in packhouses. You can also try to work in a ski resort, but you need to be in the South island in January or February when you need to apply for the jobs in ski resorts but you need to agree that you will work from June till September where is the main ski season in South Island. In September or October I recommend going to South Island because it is better when you are in the summer on this Island. In November starts cherry picking near Christchurch, also avocado picking and in the middle of September starts strawberry picking in Northland.  From October – November you can do also Apple thinning near Motueka/south island and when the thinning will finish you can stay for apple picking from February.

You don’t need to do only seasonal work. You can find a job as a waiter or in the company and when you are lucky and you can get sponsorship. I was working in Mt. Cook. There is a small restaurant where I was working as a barista and waiter. You will get a accommodation there for $100 a week but you need to have a car because there are no shops and you can buy only basic stuff there. The nearest town is 70k away. If you need more information about the work in New Zealand you can write me a massage or you can contact me through Facebook Do fitness while you travel or Instagram kori_5.

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