Working Holiday Visa – Australia

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Working holiday visa – Australia

Do you want to apply for the working holiday visa to Australia? If your answer is yes I will tell you how to do that. Quota for Slovakia is only 200 people per year and you can apply anytime you want, you just need to accomplish some conditions. First, you need to past at least 2 years at uni. Second you need to past Ielts at least on 5 – 6. Its not really difficult to past English test. There is a lot of useful exercises on YouTube where you can drill listening and reading part. You dont need to do academic one. Enough for working holiday visa is general Ielts and the last one is that you need to get a letter from our government. There is couple of useful information how to apply.

  1. Join a group on Facebook. The name of the group is Austrália – študuj, cestuj, pracuj. The group is only for Slovak and Czech people. There is a lot of useful information how to apply for the visa and also new info when the quota will be open again. If you need help information planet will help you.

  1. Australia is not the same like New Zealand or Canada where you need to be fast to apply for the visa. For Australia you can apply anytime, most of the time there are still free spaces because it is not really easy to apply and not everybody can accomplish the terms what are necessary to apply for working holiday visa.
  2. If you cant accomplish those terms and you still want to go to Australia, you can apply for student visa where you need to study and you can work 20 hours per week. You can study some colleges where you need to come to the school only once a week and complete all your assessments or you can choose just English course. Those schools are good if you want to have visa and you dont need to study much. You need to show that you have also money in your bank account. You can start with certificate and continue to diploma. The other options is to go study to uni. There is a lot of good school where you can study like Sydney uni, UTS, Macquarie university or Kaplan Business School. Everything depends what do you want to study and also if you want to stay in Australia and apply for PR. If you want to apply for PR you should study something what is on the list that you can get 30 points for your school. Most of the people study accounting, engineering or IT. When you finish your uni you will get your graduation visa where you can work full time without any restriction for two years.
  3. There is a lot of agencies which can help you to choose the right school. You dont need to pay anything to the agency. They are getting money from the schools. Some of them have branches also in Sydney like Information Planet, Australia Online, G8M8. Some of them will help you also with accommodation in the beginning. If you need accommodation you can try to contact people on Facebook group slovaci a cesi v Sydney or cesi a slovaci v Sydney or you can try flatmates, Gumtree or Austay. Austay has only share accommodation.

For more information you can contact some of the agencies above. If you need information how to stay in Australia there is a immigration agent in Australia online or you can write your comment to the group on Facebook where people will direct you to the right person. If you want to use immigration agent you need to pay at least $100 per hour.

Don’t forget the working holiday visa are only till the age of 30 and you can get it only once in your life. If you want to get a second year you need do a farm work for three months. When you will be lucky you can get a sponsorship from the company where you will be working. Good luck!!!

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